Welcome to My Idaho Farm, where you'll feel it's yours after you visit. 

We're the Dickeys, Jon & Rebecca. After years in the fast lane, we decided to slow down and return to nature. With the help of family, we found a quiet space in Arco, ID, a town with a mission to keep open space available and rural life alive. Our little piece of ground is 35 acres of quiet fields, a dry river bed, and a small orchard beginning to take root. We found our piece of paradise, just a short drive from the beautiful Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve and just far enough away from the big cities of Idaho Falls & Twin Falls, where we can enjoy city life if we choose. 

We started with a mission to create a slow life that was a simple, sustainable permaculture farm where our friends and family could take respite from their hectic lives as well. Jon wants to say we're creating a food forest with a place to sleep, though we have some years until our trees will hold a hammock and feed us. It will be a task to take this commercially grown farm ground and bring it back into harmony with nature. Though we are trying to keep within the High Desert environment and planting primarily native plants, and, of course, we are working on our "You-Pick-Um" garden with all the favorites of gardening zone 3-4. Using buffalo, chickens, and pigs, we will add mob grazing within the next few years, adding back to the soil; as for this year, it grows wild with only a tiny portion carved out for our little orchard. 

We stare at the beauty around us, surrounded by large mountains, fields, and meadows. The deer and rabbits roam nearby during the day and at night, and the howl of the coyotes, the hoo of the owls, and the croak of the frogs let you know your neighbor is distant; you are with nature. We want you to enjoy what we have found and stay on this beautiful land. Remember that we are not your typical crowded campground; nature is close, and our amenities are limited, though you can find solitude and tranquility while still within 3 miles of town. We hope you support and join us in our journey.